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  • The sponsoring committee works with the cadet corps for the planification of activities. If you are interested in joining us, Please view our registration section and you may email us your application.

  • Registration is currently online only.
    4625 Boulevard St. Catherine Ouest
    Westmount, Quebec H3Z 1S4
    514-496-2003, x 2315

    It is free for all boys and girls having 12 years of age and up, we are looking forward to see you joining us. For more information on how to join the Army Cadets go to Registration Process.

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    • Friday April 08, 2022 will be in-person training for all cadets. Location: 4670 St.Catherine Street West, The Oral School for the Deaf. All cadets must bring both uniforms. Time 1830-2030. Activity: Regular Training Dress: Field training Uniform and bring your parade uniform. Our cadets are guests at this school, any cadet who behaves in a disrespectful manner will be sent home. All cadets MUST wear a facemask and be screened in accordance to current Public Health Measures. All cadets must follow the public health regulations in place while at cadets. Failure to do so will result with the cadet being sent home. If a cadet does not feel well prior to cadet training, we ask that the cadet stays at home please.
      If a cadet's medicare card or contact information has changed, we ask that you notify the Administration Officer.
    • ***UPDATE*** Staff cadet Summer camp applications for in-person camp are now open.


    - Semi-Annual Mess Dinner December 2016 -


    BIENVENUE AU CORPS 2862 Westmount (RMR)


    Le mouvement des cadets royaux de l’armée canadienne s’adresse aux jeunes de 12 à 18 ans qui cherchent l’aventure telle que la navigation, le biathlon, la marche militaire, le camping, la survie en forêt, le sport, la musique et beaucoup plus tout en développant des amitiés et l’esprit d’équipe. Il n’y a pas de frais d’inscription, pour l’uniforme officiel des cadets ou pour l’entraînement de base des cadets. Les cadets qui se qualifient peuvent participer aux camps d’été gratuitement ou à des échanges internationaux.

    Le RC(Armée) CC de Westmount est localisé à Westmount, Québec . Nous défilons chaque vendredi de 1830 h à 2130 h. Notre unité offre ses cours en français et en anglais. Pour plus d’information concernant les cadets de l’armée ou notre unité, veuillez consulter les informations à la section inscription.