You may register for Cadets with two options. If you would like to register please download the application and e-mail your completed forms to the email posted below. You may also register through Canada Post. There are up to four steps that are required in order to complete and provide all the necessary documents to join the Royal Canadian Army Cadet program. These steps are as follows:

Step 1: Go to this link to register please go to Registration Process.Every applicant is required to complete the following form:

Step 2: Produce proof of identity and age. Every applicant must produce a valid photo ID that will verifythe residence/citizenship and the age of the applicant. The following documents are accepted as proof of identity and age:

Step 3: Produce proof of health insurance. Every applicant must demonstrate that they are covered by public or private health insurance. The following documents are accepted as proof of health insurance:

Step 4: Complete any additional forms. Some cadets with certain medical or dietary conditions may be required to complete the following form (the Administration Officer will determine if this form is necessary):

Should you have any questions or concerns about completing any of these forms or producing the necessary documents please contact the Administration Officer directly at, or you can call our Orderly Room at 514-496-2003 EXT 2315